Carriages of Pensacola


Justin Top Options:

All of our top options can be embellished with flowers, fabric, and/or lights!

Without a Top

Clean low lines.

Convertible folding TOP

A great option if the weather looks iffy.  Can switch between "up" (covering the passenger compartment from the elements, or "folded" giving a cozier feel the to passenger compartment as shown here.


The consummate fairy tale embellishment for your event.  

The justin (buckskin & white)

Our formal carriage was built by Justin Carriage Works (the same company which supplies carriages to Disney World) and is white and has buckskin (golden tan) upholstery.  It can be outfitted with the convertible top, white with matching buckskin liner, or with the Cinderella pumpkin top.  Either carriage can be enhanced with silk flowers and/or lighting for an additional fee.

The Raber (RED & WHITE)

Our second carriage was built by the Raber Buggy Works of Indiana, an Amish company known for their quality.  It is white with red upholstery.  This carriage has more of a "country" feel and is decorated with a pair of white hearts on the seat skirting.  There are no optional top features for this carriage. 


There are two white Vis a vis  carriages to choose from. Vis a vis is French for face to face which refers to the arrangement of the seating compartment.  The first seat faces the rear of the carriage and the second seat faces forward inviting a shared experience by all our guests.

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